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Armory's renovation complete, secure against earthquake and groundwater

Steven Tallerico shows off the new kitchen in the Price National Guard Armory, an improvement over the old microwave and sink

The Price National Guard Armory near the USU Eastern campus has been retrofitted and renovated to withstand geologic hazards and has added some new amenities along the way.

Originally constructed in 1956, the armory was no longer up to modern seismic standards. In October 2009 it began a $1.3 million project to make it more up to date.

The money came from federal and state funds.

The biggest part of the project was putting the building on stilts. That involved installing 190 pilings under the foundation to stabilize it against shifting subsurface conditions caused by groundwater. Nearby buildings, such as the now-demolished science building at the college, suffered from cracks in walls and foundation because of this geologic hazard.

The piling go 20 feet deep to hit bedrock.

Additional improvements included installing steel rebar into the block walls to prevent collapse in the event of earthquake.

The rest of the work installed new paint, carpet and flooring, two new classrooms and men's and women's restroom facilities.

Heat, lighting and air conditioning systems have also been upgraded.

The project was completed this month.

To dedicate the "new" building, the National Guard will conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony next Wednesday at 9 a.m. Included in that ceremony will be a covenant signing with the City of Price that will continue the long-standing relationship between the city and the Guard.

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