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Celebrating 100 Years!: Price town board meets last time

By (From the pages of the Carbon County News
March 10


The old Price town board met in regular session in the council chambers on Monday night to be transact any old and unfinished business before turning to affairs of the town over to the new city council. The application of John Diumenti & company for a license to operate a saloon in Price was considered favorably by the board and the license was ordered granted. They have leased the Rogers hotel and will use it for a saloon instead of the building they had at first considered.

The new city council for the city of Price then convened. The application of Diumenti & Co. was also confirmed by the new council and the license ordered granted. It was requested that all of the Price saloons make new applications for licenses under the new administration as some of them have been in business so long that some of their bondsmen are no longer known here. Thos. Fitzgerald and John Forrester applied for and were granted new licenses at this meeting. The other saloon men will no doubt do so soon.

The matter of a big celebration for Price in the near future was next taken up and considered by the board. It was decided that Friday, March 24th, be selected as the date. The celebration will be in honor of the installation of our new lighting plant and the fact the Price has recently become a city of the third class. The day will probably be declared a holiday by the Mayor in or that all may participate in the big time. One feature of the program will be a big barbeque, Councilman, J.M. Whitmore, volunteered to give a big, fat steer for the barbeque, and there will be meat for all. The entire council with Levi N. Harmon as chairman, were appointed by the mayor as the committee to arrange the program for the day. They will make a report in the near future. A splendid good time is assured for that day, and all should join hands to make the 24th a success in every way.

It was reported to the Mayor that our city water is being polluted, above Helper, by a pig pen which stands near the creek and which contains thirty hogs. The clerk was instructed to at once notify the State Health Commissioner and have him investigate the matter. The Mayor made some appointments of city officers. G.A. Iverson was appointed as city attorney, C.C> McWHinney assistant city attorney; J.T. Barton city Marshall; A.J. Grames manager of the opera house and sexton.

One feature of the meeting that will no doubt be of interest to the hoboes, was that the marshal is instructed to arrest all of their tribe found within the city limits, and in the event that they are unable to pay their fines to put them at work cleaning out the city ditches. The city attorney was instructed to draw up both paving ordinance to take in the entire town, and the building ordinance the main street east from Fitzgerald's corner eat to Anna Fransden's corner, and the cross streets from the railroad track up to the Price Trading Company's store.

The city marshal was instructed to ascertain who would be willing to take day power in case a day current were maintained at the electric light plant in order that it might be known what might be done about the matter installing an electric planning mill in Price.

The resignation of N. C. Christenson as engineer at the power house was accepted and D.J. Thomas appointed to fill the vacancy.

The marshal was instructed to notify S.C. Miles that no entrance from the sidewalk to the basement of his new building, east of the Price Commercial Bank, would be allowed.

The mayor instructed the councilmen to be at the Depot to meet Prof. Merrill and his part from the State Agriculture college when they arrive on the 14th of March at which time they will hold a two day's special session for the Price river valley farmers. There being no further business before the meeting an adjournment was taken until the next regular meeting night.

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