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Letters To The Editor: Pedestrian responsibility

By Erica Kardelis


I would like to remind the students of CEU-USU that when crossing Third East you have the right-of-way, not an invisible force field.

Last Tuesday, when driving my two bickering children to and from a baseball game, I witnessed two different people crossing at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. Both crossed without slowing their pace or even lifting their heads to look at traffic. I had no trouble stopping for them but, the driver in front of me was not given a great deal of warning and had to come to a pretty sudden stop. I know it is the driver's responsibility to look for the pedestrians but, not making any effort to protect your own life from a harried mother of three running late to a baseball game is ridiculous.

Please, slow down, look at the drivers, make eye contact to insure that they see you and are slowing for you. It is a simple thing and just common sense to insure your own safety.

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