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One unit of blood for every year

A technician prepares a volunteer for donating blood at a blood drive at USU Eastern last week. Price City and ConocoPhillips are partnering for a blood drive on Friday with hopes of attaining 100 units of blood in accordance with the city's centennial.

Sun Advocate reporter

Over the next five months, Price City and its residents will be celebrating the city's 100th birthday through a multitude of different events. With the theme for the celebrations focusing on the city centennial, there is hope that one particular event will hit the century mark.

Price City and ConocoPhillips have partnered together for a blood drive on Friday, April 29 to help stock Carbon County with enough units of blood to help many people in need. The theme for the event is simple: "100 units for 100 years: Celebrating Price's Centennial."

While the city is focusing on commemorating the city's centennial, this type of event allows residents, businesses, city officials and city employees to give back to the community they are a part of, said Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo.

Piccolo said that the city is working on trying to get as many city officials and employees as possible to participate with the blood drive, even going as far to offer paid time off to city employees while they are out giving blood.

The timing for the event may be a bit of a coincidence. Local blood drives in the past have brought out a number of people, but they haven't been able to reach the goal of 100 units of blood, Piccolo said.

"We've never reached the goal of getting 100 units of blood before," Piccolo said. "So the goal this time is to reach 100 units. It's a great way for people to give back to the community."

So far about 75 people have signed up to donate blood, according to Ryan Peterson, an HSE Lead with ConocoPhillips. Employees of both ConocoPhillips and Price City have already signed up to donate blood, Peterson said, and there is hope many others will take part in the event. The event is also open to members of the community who are interested in getting involved, he said.

The potential impact this event could have on the local community could be far-reaching. By donating 100 units of blood, that amount could go towards helping up to 300 people, Piccolo said.

But because not everyone can donate blood, the event will need to bring out at least 120 people to reach the goal of 100, Piccolo said

It's the first time Price City and ConocoPhillips have come together for an event such as this, Peterson said. Getting many people involved, including those who have never given blood before, is one of the main focuses in preparation for the event.

"It's [giving blood] something so simple and so easy and there is such a need for it out there," Peterson said. "This is one way we can help do something positive and give back to our community."

The blood drive will be held on Friday at Convention Hall, 310 S. Fairgrounds Road from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. For questions regarding one's eligibility to donate blood, call 1-866-236-3276. To schedule an appointment or for more information about the event contact Ryan Peterson at (435) 820-6821.

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