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Letters to the editor: Liberal goods

By David Fryer
East Carbon


I found the opinion page in the April 12 edition of the Sun Advocate very good, if you are a liberal left wing fan.

Rebecca Gray told us why we should not drill for oil in the arctic. Rebecca did not tell us what will replace oil and coal. The plug-in car will not get me from East Carbon to Helper and back without a stop to recharge. I have not seen solar panels or wind generators on Air Force One.

The chief of the White House is on the record that he has no problem with gas at four to five dollars a gallon for gas. I would like to ask any on the left if they would go to our Utah parks with gas that high?

We cannot drill for our oil any place. If the president wants to make jobs let the 3,000 or more oil workers around the gulf go back to work. The oil spill from the rig that burned was not even the worst spill in the gulf. In the 1960s a Mexican rig dumped twice as much oil. Look it up. At this point in time the Mexicans, Cubans, Chinese and Angolans are all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico; only the United States can't get oil.

I would also like the tree huggers to let me know how you feel about all the money our leader gave for oil exploration in the Amazon rain forest?

Tax brackets do need to be changed. The top 10 percent of wage earners pay 44 percent of all taxes, the bottom 40 percent pay about 7 percent. This number comes from the IRS. It seems to me it is not the rich that do not pay their fair share.

I just have some questions for the left. You tree huggers, why do you live in homes made of wood? For people who think taxes are the answer why do you take deductions and why do you not return your refund? And for PETA people, why do many of you still eat meat?

And why do those of you who call the military barbaric killers, support Planned Parenthood?

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