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Letters to the editor: Price of gas

By Linda L. Wilson


As I drive to work I happen to glance up and see the price of gas and gag a little.

When I leave work and drive home I glance up to see the price of gas has gone up by three, four or five cents. I would like to say that this is a rare occurrence but it seems to be happening on a regular basis.

Living in a rural setting makes it hard because we do not have the luxury of public transportation. Our vehicles are a necessity. What can we do that will affect any kind of change? When do we, collectively, say "Stop"? I have accepted I am powerless but when and where will we find politicians who will roll up their sleeves and jump in and say "Stop"?

I would like it explained why gas goes up the way it does. Don't tell me it is because of the price of a barrel of crude. Who cares?

At a time when everyone is looking at ways of "jump starting" our economy you would think that this is a good place to start. Are we still the "most powerful nation in the world"? Why can't this title be used in ways that will assist the hard working section of our society?

If I have offended anyone I am truly sorry but frustration rears its ugly head.

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