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Rantings and Ravings

By TERRY WILLIS Sun Advocate reporter

So we still have the government shut down looming over our heads. Over half of American want their representatives to find compromise.

If we shut down, Congress will still get paid, but our troops fighting for our freedom will not. Our Congressmen could afford to miss a paycheck, most have more in savings than the rest of us make in a year.

Many of our troops are young and trying to support their families. Even when I was in the Navy back in 1974-78 young sailors and soldiers were paid so little they qualified for food stamps.

Missing even one paycheck for them could start a chain reaction of debt that will be almost impossible to climb out of. Is that how we show our military respect? Even if they will eventually get paid, many are only surviving from paycheck to pay check, an I.O.U will not put food on the table.

In Utah, we have many other federal employees that would be waiting for money that will never come. They make up three percent of the workforce in the state. Most are not raking in huge salaries. I know this personally. But no money equals less spending and that means less tax dollars for the state.

As the National Parks close the tourist dollars that are already down due to the Japanese not traveling will dry up. Motels, hotels and restaurants in those areas will hurt.

Road projects that rely on federal dollars might grind to a halt and construction workers will be without income. You won't receive a tax refund by check if you can't e-file.

Small business loans will not be approved. Mine safety inspections would cease because these things are unessential. Hope you won't need a passport to take that vacation you had planned.

The irony is that according to the Office of Budget Management shutting down and eventually gearing back up will cost the government a SIGNIFICANT amount of money.

Truly we have to do something to bring our budget back into balance, but we did not get here in one fell swoop. Taking steps to reduce the budget is the right thing to do.

But the job needs to be done with the precision of a skilled surgical team. You need to understand the anatomy of the whole. If you take a sword and hack away it may be impossible to stem the hemorrhage that results.

Our economy is still recovering from the serious cancers that infected its banking and financial industries. We may not agree on the recovery process that has been embarked on, but the country is starting to show signs of health again. Care is needed not to send it back into a tailspin.

Time for those in Congress to listen to the majority. The majority of Americans say find the compromise now. Stop gap, one week funding is not it!

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