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Raptor Chapter to host Friends of Paleontology annual meeting

The local Raptor Chapter of the Utah Friends of Paleontology will host the organization's annual meeting Thursday through Saturday at the museum and the Holiday Inn.

Field trips are on the agenda for Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday, the group will leave the museum parking lot at 9 a.m. and visit the Clawson ammonite beds from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Four wheel drive is needed.)

They will then visit the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry for a tour of track sites and seldom-visited bone deposits.

On Saturday, the tour will be in the San Rafael Swell, visiting the Wedge Overlook, fossil collecting in the Carmel Formation at the head of Buckhorn Draw, and traveling to the Carol excavation site where fossils have been discovered.

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