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Young desert racer leaving his competition in the dust

Sun Advocate sports reporter

Eleven year old Austin Phillips is living a dream that many others his age only can imagine.

He is racing 65cc dirt bikes almost every other weekend.

And he is winning a lot of those races.

Phillips competes in the Utah Sportsman Racing Association series desert races. This is his third season of racing.

He finished third in his age group last year and is currently in first place overall after three races.

There are 14 events over the summer in locations all over Utah.

Price will be the host site of a desert race on July 16. Each race covers from 30 to 60 miles.

Phillips is supported by his parents, Reid and Kristen Phillips, and his 14-year-old sister is even part of the pit crew.

There are a couple of local businesses that have approached the family to help out and sponsor Phillips efforts out on the track.

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