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Letters to the editor: Not satisfied


We here in Carbon County have been told to stay local with our business dealings and to help out our community. But here is an example of why so many people chose to go over the mountain for services.

Recently we purchased a product from a local company for our furnace and found out 35 minutes later that the part that needed replacing was under warranty and we would have needed to buy it.

We went back to the company to return it and they would not take the part we had bought back or help us at all. It hadn"t even been removed from the box that it was sold in.

We also found out that they gave us a dishonest explanation as to the cost of the product, as well as how much the shipping fee was to get it here.

They basically told us their hands were tied when we tried to get our money back. I want someone to tell me how and business could not refund an unused and unopened product? We ever said we were willing to pay for the companies time as well as the shipping/handling of the item.

You be the judge on this one. How would you feel as a customer trying to get some help? Any help at all?

Well we got none.

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