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Rising fuel prices add to city tab for Emma Park drilling

Sun Advocate reporter

With fuel prices rising across the nation, Carbon County residents may be feeling the effects each and every time their gas tank hits empty on the gauge and they pull into a gas station. For Price City, the rise in fuel prices hits the city check book.

Price City opened bids for the Emma Park water project back on Jan. 6 and the city awarded the bid to Layne Christensen Company contingent upon acquiring the access easements for the wells to drill for water within the area. But because the agreements for the wells were not received within the period of time allotted in the bid, the contractor was no longer bound to the bid they submitted to the city.

Russell Seeley, Price City engineer, said that the Layne Christensen Company was requesting a five percent increase within the bid they submitted to the city for the project. Because much of the work surrounding the project involves a lot of heavy machinery, the five percent increase would help cover the high prices for diesel fuel throughout the duration of the project. Seeley said that it was not an unreasonable request for the city to add an additional five percent to the bid. The increase in the bid would still fall within the funding for the project as the city had enough funding in the event an occurrence like this happened. After reviewing the request and researching

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