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Letters to the editor: Tourism over oil

By M.L. "Joe" Stock
East Carbon


Once again I feel it necessary to rebut opinion pieces written in the March 8 issue of the Sun Advocate.

First of all, Tom (McCourt) criticisms concerning Tim DeChristopher for putting illegal bids in on an auction. It is the Bush administration that needs to be condemned for creating a last minute illegal auction. It is possible that his illegal bids alerted Ken Salazar to the illegality of the auction?

I agree with Tom that jobs are an issue but oil drilling is a temporary job.

So I would like to enlighten him. The prime industry in Utah in both money and jobs is the tourism industry. I seriously doubt the tourists will come to see these pristine areas when they have been destroyed and replaced by other oil companies.

In another piece, Alan Peterson complimented Emery County on their attempt to control federal land. Emery county has the right to control land that they own in Emery county. The federal land does not belong to them and never did. It rightfully belongs to the people of the United States and they have as much right to enjoy the grandeur of federal lands in Emery and the rest of Utah as the local population. Many of them spend more time in the magic wilderness of Utah than many of our residents. Utah would be hard pressed without economically without the tourist industry.

The only thing they will accomplish with this illegal land grab is a lot of legal expenses for their citizens.

I would also like to compliment the Sun Advocate on their article on the death of the Government Records Access Management Act.

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