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Letters to the editor: Acts of deceit

By Susan Jackson


Writing, passing, and the signing of HB 477 was one of the bigger acts of deceit that was pulled off this year.

Congratulations to Ms. Watkins for voting against it and to the rest of you, what a scam you pulled off, even if it was a non-election year where you think the stupid public will forget by the next election. Not all voters in Utah are as stupid as you seem to think they are. Nor, are all voters as forgetful as you would hope they are.

My thoughts are these.

* I would like to see a "true" accounting of the cost of providing the public information that was requested this past year. I worked in Washington DC for a federal agency and even though responding to Freedom of Information Act requests was a hassle at times the actual cost to duplicate and send the information was not all that much. I doubt that cost was a true factor here.

* You are provided cell phones and computers at state expense to be used for state business purposes. If you are afraid of some personal message or sweet nothing you say to a significant other, or child, or constituent, being let out to the public, I would suggest you use your personal cell phone or computer for it. Any text or email that is done on public equipment should be public knowledge.

* Let's see, I think my Mother's advice would be don't say anything in writing that you don't want to say in person. has that somehow changed over the years? Do your bad-mouthing, personal trash-talking and deal making on something other than State equipment. Pretty simple directions I would think... or here is a way to save some money from the state budget. Turn those "perks" in and you won't have to worry about which phone or computer you want to use. It will all be done on your dime. The excuse that you need to be in contact is a little far-fetched as an excuse to hold water in this day and age when most all houses and businesses have public phone capability and most adults carry a cell phone. If there is a major crisis in this state I feel confident you will be the first to know about it, even if it has to come by smoke signals or tom-toms.

* I have little faith that there will be a special session that will address this issue. How much is that going to cost when a simple VETO would have worked just as well and opened up the same dialogue.

I also have absolutely no faith in the truth of what was offered as justification for this bill: the cost factor.

This State has too many secrets, too many lies given to constituents, too many deals being made, too many legislators with no courage and one governor with no guts, in my humble opinion.

One other thing that I am questioning. I sent this to the appropriate governmental officials and the first three addresses on this email appear in red. Ms. Watkins is in black, as well as the Sun Advocate email. When I tried to print a copy of this actual email gibberish was the result.

Is that something built into the state system that precludes documentation printing?

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