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Letters to the editor: Finish the fence?

By Laurie Telarole


I would like to ask a question about the deer fence between Price and Helper, as it currently is unfinished.

Is it unfinished due to lack of funds, or is there some other reason? The part that has been finished really has helped to save the deer from being hit and/or killed in areas where it has been installed so far.

The difference between the two areas is striking, in terms of dead deer seen lying on the sides of the highway.

Does anyone have any information as to whether or not this fence will be continued all the way from where it ended so far (half-way to Helper), to at least the mouth of Price Canyon? What is the extent of the plans for this fence?

It is evident that the fence is truly helping, and that the unfinished area really needs to be finished as quickly as possible, not just for safety of the deer population, but also for the cost to automobile accidents caused by the deer jumping out onto the busy highway.

Any type of update or information available would be appreciated by all concerned.

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