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Dinos prepare for wrestling season

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Tyson O'Neil wrestles his way to a first place finish during the annual Carbon Duels wrestling meet hosted this past weekend at Carbon High School.

In a sport which requires extreme dedication and true athletic ability, the Carbon Dinos wrestling team prepares for the regular season by competing in several preseason meets. The most recent meet the Dinos participated in was conducted on their home mat at Carbon High this past weekend.

The annual Carbon Duels meet proved to be quite successful for the Dinos who competed on two separate teams, each comprised of varsity and junior varsity athletes.

After each athlete was weighed and placed on a team, the wrestling action kicked off with the Dinos really taking it to their opponents.

By the time that the two day tourney had reached its end, the Dinos found themselves tied with North Sanpete's junior varsity team for first place with a 5-1 duels record. In the tie breaker, North Sanpete came out on top and walked away with the tourney victory. Carbon settled for a strong second place finish and the second Dino team walked away with a third place victory.

"We did really well at the meet. Each player came out and gave it their best and it was a good finish for us with a second and third place record," explained Dino coach Dave Smith.

The Dinos will continue to prepare for the season by competing this Thursday against Union and once again this weekend in the two day Rocky Mountain Rumble Tournament in Orem.

"This will be a big meet for us. Each year, the tournament attracts hundreds of top athletes and this will give us the chance to make improvements and gain valuable experience," explained the excited coach.

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