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Four games, three ties for Dino soccer

Tanner Gagnon flies high to get a header for the Dinos in their match against Manti last week.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

Soccer is one of the few sports that can end in a tie. "ts more common in high school pre-season play rather than go into extended periods. Still most teams can go years without one.

The Carbon Dino soccer team now have three as they played to 3-3 stalemate in their first game of the season against North Sanpete and then against Manti on Monday they had another 3-3 tie. Finally on Wednesday another 3-3 tie came their way in play against South Summit. That means the Carbon remains undefeated at home for the season.

Their only loss came in a 3-2 Richfield victory on Friday.

Manti arrived to the game with minutes to spare due to bad weather. Carbon had warmed up and were left waiting. Neither team was at the top of their game as they took the field. Manti got the favorable slope in the first half. They took advantage of it as they kept the ball on their side for the first part of the opening period. They scored first as the Dino defense broke down a little.

But the tide turned and soon the majority of play was up by the Manti goal. Before the half was up Tanner Gagnon sent in a goal on an assist from Rulis Trejo.

"n the final period Carbon was the dominant team with the slope on their side. Jorge Mediola scored for the Dinos with another assist from Trejo Then Trejo got one of his own. Manti scored on a penalty kick and then in the final minutes they put one in on a free kick.

"" think we played much better in this game then we did on Thursday. " think Manti was a better team too. " was very please on the improvement after just one day of practice between games. We will do it again and try to improve for our Wednesday game. "f we can keep improving between each game we are going to really surprise some teams when we get to region play." stated Coach Keith Palmer.

On Wednesday South Summit took a 2-1 lead in the first half. Carbon came back and put 2 in in the second period to end the game in a tie. Carlos Estullio, Mendiola and Gagnon were able to find the back of the net for the Dinos.

Richfield was the first road game for the Dinos. The home team went up 3-0 in the opening period of play. Mendiola and Gagnon were able to score in the second period for Carbon as they came just short of pulling out a fourth 3-3 tie. "nstead they fell short and it ended with the win for Richfield.

A Monday game with Maeser at 4 p.m. will be reported later.

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