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 The Utah State Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has
received an Application from UtahAmerican Energy Inc., 794 N. "C"
Canyon Road, Box 910 East Carbon, Utah 84520, for a modification to
the Aberdeen Logical Mining Unit  (LMU) in accordance with 43 CFR
3487.  The application for the proposed LMU  modification is available
for review at the BLM State Office, 440 West 200 South,  Room 500,
Salt Lake City, Utah.

 The proposed LMU modification includes adding lands from one Federal
coal lease and some fee lands.  The description of the lands contained
within the areas, which  is to form the modification of the Aberdeen
LMU is as follows:

 Lease No. Acreage Land Description
 UTU-79975 702.73 (added) T. 12 S., R. 11 E., SLM, Utah
   sec. 29, SW¼SW¼, 
   sec. 30, lots 4, 12, and 14-16;
   sec. 31, lots 1, 2, and 7-11; 
   sec. 32, W½NE¼, E½NW¼,  
   NW¼NW¼, NE¼SW¼.
        Mathis Fee 640.00 (added) T. 12 S., R. 10 E., SLM, Utah
   sec. 36, all;
 Total modified acreage:      1,342.73 acres

Kent Hoffman
Deputy State Director
Lands and Minerals 
Published in the Sun Advocate March 15 and 22, 2011.

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