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Letters to the editor: Government of idiots

By Bryan Boucher


After all that has transpired in this year's legislative session, I am finally 100 percent convinced that the powers that be in the state of Utah are completely disillusional.

They want to take away the people's right to know what they are doing on our "behalf," further cut education funding, move the state prison (why?) and take tenure away from college professors. These are but a few of the bad ideas they have wasted our time and money dreaming up.

We as a state have one in eight children going to bed hungry because of the gutted economy, so let's raise the tax on groceries and lower it on luxury items that those children's parents can't even dream of buying. How many state legislator's kids went to bed hungry last night?

One of the few profitable government agencies is also under the budget knife: the state (read LDS church) controlled Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. They are going to close several liquor stores around the state under the premise of saving money. Why would anyone or any entity close profitable businesses unless it really is about one more step toward prohibiting the (legal) consumption of alcohol.

If we don't take serious steps to get the church out of the governing of our state, it will do as it pleases without any accountability to the citizens whatsoever.

The closing of the profitable liquor stores will put more people out of work, board up more commercial buildings and inconvenience people who can still afford to buy a drink.

But, hey, the Mormons will sleep better at night.

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