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Letters to the editor: No foreign influence

By D.J. Gardner


The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has been in the news a lot recently, and there is little doubt that they are a powerful organization, but who are they?

Morbid curiosity led me to their website, and as I was looking through the individuals on their "board of directors" one name in particular stood out to me, and that name was Hansjorg Wyss. Wyss is a multi-billionaire (recently ranked the 121st wealthiest individual in the world by Forbes Magazine worth an estimated $6.1 billion).

But, the incredibly high net worth of one of the SUWA's board members though somewhat alarming-isn't why I'm writing. I'm writing because though SUWA's website lists him as from Malvern, Pa., a little research reveals that he is a citizen of Switzerland. That means that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has, on their board of directors, and individual that isn't even an American citizen!

I take issue with the fact that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has, in a position of great influence within their undeniably influential organization, an individual that isn't even an American citizen. This is wrong. This land battle is Americas land battle; the land belongs to Americans and only to Americans.

Let Americans-and Americans alone-determine how it's managed.

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