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Serfustini becomes SA associate editor

Associate Editor John Serfustini.

Sun Advocate reporter

For the second time, John Serfustini has settled into a spot at an editor's desk at the Sun Advocate, demonstrating that for a few, maybe you can go home again. Publisher Richard Shaw named him associate editor of the paper this week. One of Serfustini's first jobs in journalism was editor of this paper back in 1976 to 1978.

After obtaining his bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Utah, Serfustini's career began at the Wasatch Wave in Heber City.

"The first year I learned a lot," explained the veteran story teller. "You really learn that you have to be - first and foremost - considerate of the people you write about."

He later reported for the Deseret News before coming to Carbon County. "Unlike many small areas, we have five cities plus the county government here and that makes for great reporting," Serfustini said when asked what it is he likes about Carbon County. "But the best part of this area has to be the ethnic diversity."

He also worked at Channel 4 News and the Salt Lake Tribune. After working as city editor at the Tribune, Serfustini served as a spokesman and federal lobbyist for Utah Power. While with the utility, he managed to obtain his MBA from Brigham Young University.

Serfustini is back and from what he says, the only thing that has changed is the fact that he is now just a bit older than his sources.

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