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Letters to the editor: Once burnt, twice shy

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon City.


A new dam for East Carbon and Sunnyside proposed in Little Bear Canyon at no cost to the residents the same time our 50 some year old existing reservoir is failing.

Gee, I remember other free gifts given to us a few years back, new roads and sidewalks for the residents of East Carbon and Columbia and that ended up costing the residents $8 million that we don't have, and we lost access to the reservoir. That is except for the elite few.

Years ago I learned when looking a gift horse in the eye, all you get is bitten. Others have warned us, nothing is free in this cruel world. So, as a concerned resident, I began asking questions. Much of the information I acquired leaves me quite concerned.

First questions I ask is, "Who is so generous to give us such a gift and who really benefits from such a generous gift''?

Answers came easily. Co-Generation Power Plant and Utah American Industries owned by Bob Murray...

Wait a moment, isn't Mr. Murray the individual that told us, "Coal miners are expendable?" Hearing those words was like someone walking across my father's grave. I shall never forget.

Additionally, I'm now convinced the current 'experts' brought to my attention (attorneys, biologists, mining engineers) are looking out for the interests of the Co-Generation Power Plant and Utah American Industries. Who are our "experts" looking out for us?

Its no surprise Mr. Murray is so willing to spend $17 million to get to $200 million worth of coal located under the current reservoir. The Co-Generation Power Plant needs the water, but I ask, "does it require our chemically treated culinary water?" I think not!

Now, I question the estimated cost for Little Bear Canyon reservoir: $17 million wouldn't even cover the down payment for Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Dutch John, many of us worked on in the 50s and inflation costs have increased dramatically since then. Who pays the over/after costs always encountered with a new adventure, after Utah Amerian puts the $200 million in their pocket and walks away?

I failed to obtain a response from BLM, but employees at DWR were concerned about the wildlife located in Little Bear Canyon and not happy with the over all venture.

Where this goes, I'm not sure. But hopefully someone is looking over us and when it takes place all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted, so the residents are not left holding the bag again, repeating itself as the last time we were given something free....

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