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Young Bald Eagle on the mend in Price

Young Bald Eagle on the mend

An immature male Bald Eagle is a current patient at Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in Price. He came to Second Chance from San Juan County after being struck by a car, going through the windshield on Christmas Eve.

He required surgery to repair broken bones in a leg and also has a fractured pelvis. His rehabilitation is going to be long and extensive. He will be having his pins and stabilizing

devices removed in the next few days. He is most likely a non-resident Bald Eagle, meaning he does not live here year round and therefore, should return if his injuries are healed by then, to his home further North. His surgeries are very expensive and so is his diet which includes a lot of salmon, so if you would like to help with his expenses, you can sponsor him by contacting Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation 650-3441 and follow all of their patients' progress at the wildlife blog;

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