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Sunnyside to hold public hearing on Range Creek study, new fire truck

The Sunnyside City Council will be holding a public hearing tonight starting at 6 p.m. to discuss a feasibility study of Range Creek and creating a grant application for a new fire truck.

The city has finished putting together a grant application for a preliminary feasibility study of Range Creek.

Sunnyside City Mayor Doug Parsons said the city completed the grant application and included all of the pertinent information showing the work that still needs to be completed. Parsons said the project is being split into two different ones, with a feasibility study to see how much water is coming into Grassy Trail Reservoir and the other looking at repairing the flumes on the left and right forks to measure water levels.

The city council has also submitted two bids to the Community Impact Board for a new fire truck with the bids ranging between $220,000 and $233,000.

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