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Kellen Trujillo and Caden Sherman, just freshman divers this year, made a splash at the state meet.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

The two man freshmen diving team of Caden Sherman and Kellen Trujillo had great performances at their very first trip to state. Competing against older, more experienced kids from schools ranging from 2A to 5A in size the Carbon duo represented the school well.

Sherman finished just two points out of the seventh spot with eighth place. He had been working with Coach Stew Foster to put a pair of higher degree of difficulty dives into his rotation. Foster worried a bit that Sherman might get nervous and not try them, but he not only performed them, but also did them well.

Trujillo finished a respectable 12th even after missing his final dive. Coach Foster was pleased with how well they did especially as freshmen. Both are expecting to return for the team next year and hope to climb into medal contention next year.

Coach Foster stated that as long as there are kids willing to come out for the team and need his help he is going to come back and coach them.

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