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Coming to a fairgrounds near you, a fishin' hole

Sun Advocate reporter

Fish may be coming to the county fairgrounds soon. The county is moving ahead with plans to create an urban fishery as part of a multiple-use irrigation project between the racetrack and the Carbon Canal.

According to county engineer Curtis Page, the project is a merging of interests among canal water users. The county has been looking for a storage and settling pond to provide secondary water for all the landscaping at the fairgrounds, while irrigators using the canal have wanted a pond to hold water and allow silt to settle.

Meanwhile, recreationists have expressed on interest in having an accessible fishery like the Gigliotti Pond in Helper and the proposed pond in Wellington.

Page said early plans call for constructing two ponds next to each other, both fed by diverting some of the canal's flow. The bigger pond would be the fishery, with 2.5 surface acres and a depth of eight to 12 feet. The settling pond would be smaller, less than an acre.

The county has been dealing with RB&G Engineering to prepare a set of specifications so the county will be able to put the construction out for bid, Page said.

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