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Letters to the editor: Wakefield vindicated

By Dave Conrad


I live in Manti, and I have been in the process of sending this information out to a great number of residents of Sanpete County and beyond - as well as to all of the North and South Sanpete County School District employees and members of the School District Boards, the Central Utah Health Department employees, and the Sanpete County civic employees, including law enforcement personnel.

I thought that many of our resident neighbors in Carbon County would appreciate having this vital information as well, so I am taking the additional step of writing this letter to the editor of the Sun Advocate.

Many of us that have studied the issue realize that Dr Andrew Wakefield is but one stone in a mountain of evidence regarding the link between autism and vaccines. It would seem however, that there has been an orchestrated campaign to divert attention from that mountain of evidence to that one stone, Dr Wakefield...and then discredit him...and then declare that there is no link between vaccines and the sky-rocketing incidence of autism (a fifteen-fold-increase - an astounding 1500% ...since "bumping up" the shot schedules in 1989).

School district employees around the country have been attending mandatory "Autism Conferences". This was preceded with a barrage of main-stream-media "hit pieces" declaring in essence, that the link between vaccines and autism was dead...that Dr Andrew Wakefield had been discredited...and of course that's precisely what school district employees are being told at those conferences. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are a parent or grandparent with a concern about this issue and would like access to information that you will not find in the national, main-stream-press - information that indeed, vindicates Dr Andrew Wakefield and sheds important light on the issue, "Google" the phrase, Vaccine Infowar In Cardston Country. You will find the information on page 7, near the top of the page.

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