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Council members expect recycling efforts to attract new business to Price

Sun Advocate publisher

In an economic development effort to bring in more business to Price, mayor Joe Piccolo presented a resolution Tuesday night at the regular Price City council meeting approving submission of an application to the state designating the city as a recycling zone.

The council approved the resolution which puts Price, along with Helper, Wellington and Carbon County, in a recycling market development zone program that will provide certain incentives and benefits for businesses qualifying for participation in the program.

"The program will enhance the city"s ability to retain and recruit businesses in all commercial and industrial zones in the city," proclaimed Piccolo.

The council moved on and opened several bids for vehicles and equipment. These bids were for a backhoe loader, two trucks, a one- ton cab with a dump bed, and utility boxes, a one-ton and a three quarter ton utility truck for the water division.

Several bids were opened and as is the practice of the city, a committee was formed to review the bids and specific specifications before the official bids are awarded.

The council also discussed and acted upon the following actions.

•Marty and Amy Olson received permission at the last council meeting for an outside water connection. However, they do not have a share of water and the city council voted Tuesday night to charge $1650 to the city in lieu of a share.

•Condie Construction submitted a payment request for $792,096. This is for the water transmission pipeline project.

The project, including stored materials is approximately 67 percent complete, while the total installed work is 45 percent complete.

•A change order was approved for $165,771 which was necessary to plan for flowable fill at the Utah Department of Transportation crossings, overlay work on Carbonville Road, and additional pavement material on 1100 North and 750 West. These forced changes in alignment through the coal stock pile.

The council approved this change order and the partial payment.

•The council also discussed, but no action was taken on the ordinance for temporary storage containers within the city limits.

A draft was proposed to change the ordinance, calling for a 30 day period for new requests and 90 days for owners or businesses that have existing containers.

The discussion was centered around several businesses that use the temporary containers as permanent storage units for seasonal goods and supplies.

It was suggested that planning and zoning play an active role in placement of these units.

One of the suggestions included fencing around the units that are used for more permanent storage purposes. The council will vote on this issue at their next meeting.

•Council member Don Reaveley reported that the pigeon removal committee met and discussed the various options that the city and the businesses have in eliminating the problem in a two block area of Main Street.

Reaveley announced that the committee is in the process of drafting a letter to all owners and merchants requesting ideas and recommendations.

Options include trapping the pigeons, bringing in falcons that would force the pigeons out of the area or poisoning or exterminating the pests.

•Nelco Contractors submitted a payment request for $99,512 for work on the 300 North pedestrian safety project. A change order was necessary for additional concrete work and an electrical conduit for $1620 which the council approved.

•In an effort to conserve electricity, the city also voted to trim back the hours that the holiday lights are on this year. Mayor Piccolo discussed that cutting back just an hour a day would save as much as 30 hours during the holiday season.

The lights will now be turned on a 6 p.m. and shut off at 10 p.m., with longer hours on the weekends.

•Frankie Sacco was appointed to the planning and zoning board and the mayor reappointed the present Culture Connection boardmembers.

The council also appointed several new members to the Culture Connection board which include John Cardon, Sue Heino, Chris Heiner, Michelle Ketchum, Camille Jensen, Mary Ellen Shiew, David Velasquez, Randee Shultz, and Ann Thomas. Ferman Gutierrez will represent the city as a non voting member on this board.

•Price fire chief, Ken Boyack gave approval for the Castle Valley Veterinary clinic to use the fire station for their rabies clinic on January 11 beginning at 9 a.m..

•The council also approved the hiring of Dalvin Bradley and Mindy Jepson as volunteer fire fighters.

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