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'Who says life is fair?' author asks in book


Sun Advocate reporter

Life has been described by many as a roller coaster, with plenty of ups and downs and surprises around every corner. But not everything thing in life can go the way you want and according to one author life may not always be fair.

"Who Says Life is Fair? The story of a loving dad. His life, his losses, and how he came out a winner," is a book written by Hugh Littrell, 67, under the pen name James C. Wilson, that tells about the story of a father who deals with the fallout of a marriage and the estrangement of his children but who works on overcoming that loss to lead a successful and happy life.

Losing contact or having your own children become estranged is not something that many parents think will end up happening to them, Littrell said.

"The loss of your children through estrangement, it's surprising how much that happens," Littrell said. "I think this story is one that a lot of people will relate to."

The story, which is based on Littrell's life, touches upon many aspects of life.

His marriage to his wife of two children, one girl and one boy, ended after 20 years ultimately ending in divorce. Religion was one of the factors that played a role in the estrangement of the children as they grew older, Littrell said.

Littrell said he has had no contact with either of his children and has not spoken to them in years. Despite the estrangement of his children, Littrell said he is living and approaching life each new day with a positive outlook.

"Life may be unfair, but I've got a wonderful and terrific life I'm living right now," he said.

Born and raised in Denver, Colo., Littrell spent two years working on his book before having it published last February. He first came to Carbon County in 1996 and moved to Kenilworth, where he currently lives part-time in the winter, in 2001. He has lived in Alaska for many years and enjoys spending his time in the summer living there.

"The winters in Alaska, you get kind of tired of it after awhile," he said. "Here, there is lots of sunshine and good weather in the winter."

Spending the time putting a book together was a wonderful experience, Littrell said. Currently he is working on another book right now, an action and justice-oriented story, which he hopes to have published.

While out on the trail selling his book, Littrell said meeting and talking with people about their experiences in life has been one of the best parts about publishing his own book.

"I'm having a wonderful time doing things this way," Littrell said, noting his book is being sold online and at local stores during book signings he attends.

While there is no set way to know how to live a wonderful life, obstacles in life, including estrangement, can be overcome with hard work which can lead to life becoming full of joy and happiness, Littrell said.

"It's [estrangement] about as bad as something that can happen to you," he said. "It doesn't have to wreck your life. I'm grateful for every day that I have on this Earth."

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