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Letters to the editor: Unneeded service

By Robert L Warren


Several friends and myself received a purple flyer from Emery Telcom on Jan. 25 advising us of an open house on Jan. 24 to discuss 'Extended Local Calling' between Emery and Carbon Counties.

Usage of the word 'Free' was overabundant thru out the flyer. However, closer inspection reveled this is a cleverly worded attempt to raise Emery and Carbon Counties customers phone bill by 50 cents.

"Absolutely, this will be a benefit for the customer and the community and comes at a small cost. 'Most' customers will save much more than the 50 cents in eliminated long distance fees" (currently 7 cents per minute) quoted from the flyer.

Sounds good on the surface, but the people I've talked too don't call into Emery County, nor do I. Although, a 50 cent additional charge a month on the monthly bill won't drive us into the poor-house, still it remains an additional expense to those for a service not used or needed.

Bottom line: Who would this benefit? Why of course, the limited services and business located in Emery County (not to mention addition profits for Emery-Telcom) all of which are available in Price and more so, not to mention avoiding the additional costs of mileage involved for Carbon County residents.

What ever happened to "Truth-In-Advertising"?

If this service is implemented it should be on an optional acceptance basis of those individuals using it.

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