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Hazmat team responds to diesel spill on US 6

Hazmat team members spread absorbent mats over the spilled fuel while another member under the cab works on the leak.

Sun Advocate reporter

A freak accident on Highway 6 between Price and Wellington caused a ruptured diesel fuel tank on a semi-tractor that brought the Carbon County Hazmat team to the scene to contain the spill. The accident occurred near the intersection of the US 6 and the Old Wellington Road at about noon. The eastbound semi hit a leaf spring that had fallen off a pickup truck that was driving ahead.

The driver was unable to avoid hitting the spring and it punctured a fuel tank as the vehicle passed over it. She said she heard a loud bang and immediately pulled off to the shoulder of the road to inspect the damage. That's when she noticed the fuel pouring out from under the tractor.

A Utah Department of Transportation Truck that had been driving by the scene was able to notify authorities.

Hazmat responders spread absorbent mats over the spilled fuel and temporarily patched the leak.

There were no injuries and the highway remained open in both directions during the remediation.

The driver and her husband were based in Florida and were en route from Salt Lake to New Mexico.

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