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A little nepotism wouldn't hurt, citizen tells Wellington council

Sun Advocate reporter

The problem with nepotism at the Wellington Fire Department is that there isn't enough.

That argument came from Pete Yakovich, himself a firefighter, who told the city council Wednesday that department rules restricting the acceptance of relatives is causing some qualified people to forgo applying.

He cited three instances when people with relatives on the department did not seek an open position.

Yakovich had done some research. He found that the state's anti-nepotism act does not forbid signing on relatives as long as they are "qualified or volunteers." He also found that the city has an ordinance stating that it will comply with the act.

Yakovich told the council that he can see the reasoning behind the restriction. Namely, there is the potential for multiple injuries or fatalities for the same family. However, he stated that all firefighters are aware of the risk they take every time they respond to a call.

The council made no decision, but will study the issue to see what can or should be done about the situation.

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