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Residents advised to watch for scams

The Price City Police Department would like to warn members of the community that they should never send or wire money to individuals who solicit funds over the telephone or through the internet.

In the last few weeks an old scam has resurfaced and several community members have become victims. In the scam the victim receives a telephone call from a man claiming to be either a grandson of the victim or the grandson's lawyer. The caller tells the victim that the grandson was at fault in an automobile accident in Canada and needs money for damage repair, bail or medical expenses. The victim is asked to wire the money to someone in another country, (the Dominican Republic in the recent cases).

In some cases the man calls multiple times requesting more money and further victimizing the victim.

Victims eventually come to a realization that their grandson was never in an accident and that they are the victims of a scam. Some Price City residents have lost thousands of dollars

Once money is wired to a location outside the United States it is lost forever and law enforcement has little chance of identifying and prosecuting the perpetrator.

Community members are advised to thoroughly research any telephone call or email that solicits money. In the case of the recent scam, a telephone call to a previously known number of the grandson or other family members would quickly expose the request as a scam.

For more on this problem seen the Sun Advocate print edition that will be on the stands Jan. 25.

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