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Mid-Winter vehicle inspection

With the fairly nice weather the last few days it may seem that winter is losing its grip on the area, but there is probably lots of winter still to go in eastern Utah.

Even if you did a pre-winter check on your vehicles, here are some things that you should do at the mid-winter point as well.

*Lubrication. Check oil levels and be sure they are correct. Few people check during the winter because it is so cold, so this break in the weater is a good time to do it.

*Check all the tires. The bad conditions of road surfaces (especially if you have driven I-15 through Utah County) and of course the snow and ice itself can cause serious damage to the vehicles tires. Look for cuts or slashes as well as for unusual wear.

*Inspect the steering. If you have been through a few potholes (again I-15) it can pay to check your steering to ensure everything is still correct and hanging together.

*Tighten hose connections on the engine. The constant temperartue changes can loosen connections.

*Inspect and adjust the fan belt. An engine works harder in cold conditions and fan belts takes a lot of the abuse. The last thing anyone wants is a broken fan belt overheating an engine when the temperature is 15 degrees outside.

*Clean and tighten battery terminals and cables. Batteries can be damaged by winter temperatures so give all connections a cleaning. If possible check the cells in the batteries as well.

*Check the engines coolant. Check it with the proper instruments so you know exactly what temperature it can protect your engine to. Just don't add some coolant and think that is enough. Know the numbers before it is too late.

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