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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

We have not even made it half way through the first month of this year before we have been confronted with our first tragedy of the year. It, unfortunately will not be the last.

After an initial finger pointing period by some media and a defensive outburst by Sarah Palin, we seem to be using this to be a short truce on some of the polarizing rhetoric we have become used to.

Wouldn't it be nice if it lasted.

But already people are lining up to go back to their corners and come back out swinging. Oh well, it was nice for a couple of days. Unfortunately Congress was not in session so not much got accomplished during that small cease fire period.

While on the national level the hot button issues remain health care and economic recovery, here it continues to be land issues. As I have said before, this will never be resolved to anyone's satisfaction as long as the extremes on each side have an all or nothing approach to this complicated issue.

But no matter, feet are dug so deep in the sand they will never be seen again. I will not bother to even try to change anybody's mind at this point because it is futile.

So why am I writing this? Because what I hope is that those in the middle will have the courage to step up and demand we find compromise that will protect land for the health of our planet, protect our economy for the heath of our community and protect our rights to multi-use recreation activities for the health of our minds.

I use the word courage, because it is tough these days to take a stand. No matter what you say, there will be someone to immediately jump in to say how wrong you are.

But we need everyone to chime in and offer solutions. Many times it seems like it is the same few voices are all we hear on an issue.

I don't know how many times I have had someone come to me with a complaint or a compliment for someone or a business. Since I write here for the paper they hope I will take up the cause and write for them.

But if it is their personal opinion then it really needs to come from them. But for many, it never gets written.

Whether I agree with you are not, I enjoy hearing many sides of an issue as long as it stays civil.

I am throwing down a challenge for anyone who has never written a letter to the editor to do it before the year is out. Find something you feel strongly about and write a little some thing to let others know.

Let's see some new names in our letter's to the editor section. I dare ya.

So is anybody out there?

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