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Kitchen rag starts fire at Castle Heights

Emergency vehicles respond to the alarm at Castle Heights Elementary.

Sun Advocate publisher

A small fire behind a stove at Castle Heights Elementary broke the calm of the northeast Price neighborhood on Tuesday morning about 7:20 a.m.

The fire was noticed by food service workers at the school and they called 911. The fire was a small one and was basically out before fire crews could arrive.

"Somehow a rag got left behind the stove and it caught on fire," said Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont at the scene. "I think it might have been a case of overzealous cleaning. It probably dropped back there unnoticed."

Units responding to the fire included the Price Police Department and the Carbon County Sheriff's Department along with the Price Fire Department. No fire truck units were dispatched to the scene however.

Kitchen fires are one of the most common causes of structure fires. According to the Federal Emergency Management Administration cooking causes nearly 90 percent of all kitchen fires. The primary factor in the ignition of kitchen fires is unattended equipment, and the leading type of material first ignited are oil, fat, or grease.

Damage to the kitchen area of the school was very minimal and the venting carried away most of the smoke.

"There will be a smell that will hang around for awhile," said Bedont. "But not for long."

The schools schedule for the day was not disrupted because of the blaze.

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