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Two-vehicle mishap contributes to second traffic accident on Carbonville Road

A mid-morning traffic accident on Carbonville Road led to second mishap while emergency crews were clearing the scene Monday.

The first Nov. 25 mishap reportedly occurred when Bruce Twitchell of Carbonville was traveling northbound in a Ford pickup truck and collided into the rear of a tractor-trailer rig driven by Melvie Cossey, 49 of Orem.

The tractor-trailer was apparently stopped to make a turn into a business on the left side of the road when Twitchell's vehicle hit the rig, severely compressing the front of the Carbonville resident's mid-1980s Ford pickup truck.

Twitchell suffered head injuries in connection with the accident and the Carbonville man was transported to Castleview Hospital for medical treatment, according to accident investigators.

Cossey was not injured in the pickup truck-semi collision.

The first traffic accident backed up traffic on Carbonville Road and local law enforcement authorities allowed only one lane of vehicles to pass the scene at a time.

At about 11:20 a.m., John Veater, 28 of Richfield, apparently stopped to ask an officer a question.

While the discussion was taking place, Irene Morrison, 49 of Helper, reportedly ran into the back of Veater's vehicle, creating a second accident situation that blocked traffic even more on Carbonville Road, indicated law enforcement investigators.

No one was injured in the second mishap.

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