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Notice of Public Meeting

US Bureau of Land Management
Moab Field Office
US Forest Service
Monticello Ranger District

	Denison Mines (USA) Corp. (proponent) has submitted a Plan of
Operations Amendment for their La Sal Mines Complex in accordance with
their rights established by the General Mining Law of 1872 as amended
and federal regulations for locatable mining operations at 43 Code of
Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 3809 and 36 CFR Section 228. The La
Sal Mines Complex is located north of the town of La Sal, Utah in San
Juan County. The La Sal Mine Complex encompasses federal lands under
the regulatory jurisdiction of US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and
US Forest Service (FS), and other lands not subject to BLM or FS
jurisdiction. The Plan of Operations Amendment addresses surface
disturbance incident to mining operations on federal lands managed by
BLM and FS.  

	The Plan of Operations Amendment proposes modifications of three
existing Plans of Operations, which currently authorize surface
disturbance on federal lands associated with the La Sal Mines complex.
The amendment would authorize additional disturbance associated with
expansion of a rock storage pile, and construction of additional
ventilation shafts, exploration drilling sites, and associated access
roads. The amendment would also combine two existing BLM Plans of
Operations, one FS Plan of Operations, and associated amendments into
one document to facilitate effective regulation of surface disturbing
activities by BLM and FS, and provide for efficient environmental
compliance by the proponent.  

	A public meeting will be held in La Sal, Utah, at 7:30 pm on
Thursday, January 13, 2011. The location of the public meeting is:

La Sal Community Center
La Sal, Utah

	The public meeting will be an open-house forum to answer questions
regarding the proposal and solicit public involvement. BLM and FS
specialists with knowledge of the project and the proponent will be
present at the meeting. For additional information, please contact Ben
Kniola, (435) 259-2127, or Joel Nowak, (435) 636-3364.
Published in the Sun Advocate December 28, 2010.

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