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United States Bowling Congress Open Tournament Classified Division Winners

(From L to R) Gary Nelson, Frank Marrelli, Ed Howa, Joe Juliano and Mark Montoya.

Since 1901, The United States Bowling Congress (formerly the American Bowling Congress) has conducted its National Tournament. The National Tournament runs from Early March through July each year with more than 70,000 bowlers competing for the top prize each year, a National Title. Five bowlers from Carbon County went to the United State Bowling Congress National Tournament in Reno, Nev., earlier this year where they participated in the Classified Division Team Event. After the last ball was thrown down the lane the Southeast Paint team from Carbon County walked away winning first place of the National Tournament.

These five bowlers,(from L to R) Gary Nelson, Frank Marrelli, Ed Howa, Joe Juliano, and Mark Montoya, all bowl on Tuesday Nights at Gateway Lanes in Helper. On Tuesday Dec. 7, the Southeast Paint Team was presented with their Championship Watches prior to league play by Utah State Bowling Association Manager and Assistant Tom Childs and Terry Rachiele. After receiving the awards Joe Juliano had magic strike again in his first game as he rolled his first ever perfect 300 game.

Howa has bowled five 300 games, with his latest perfect game coming on Oct. 12. He began bowling and joined his first league in 1978. In 1982, he bowled the first 800 in Carbon County.

The feat these five accomplished this year has only been accomplished by three other bowlers from the State of Utah. "Steve Buell, won his title on a team event in 1968, Jerry Zabriski, won his title in the Senior Classic Division and Steve Kloempken, won the all events in 2003.

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