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Green River Canal Company Green River, Utah


	There are delinquent upon the following described stock on account of
assessment levied on the October 21, 2010. The amount set opposite of
the respective share holders are as follows:

Name	No. of Certificates	No. of Shares	Delinquency
Darlene Cano	1447	6	$110.00
Irene Daw	1576	30	$350.00
Karen L. Smith	1578	3 1/2	$85.00

Thomas Hughes &/or
     Shlisha Hughes	163	1	$60.00
Donald G. Lusko	196	2	$70.00
Robert Wetherington	72	1	$60.00

	In accordance with the law, so many share of each parcel of stock as
may be necessary will be sold at the office of the undersigned
secretary at her home in Green River, Emery County, Utah on December
31, 2010 at the hour of 2:00 p.m. to pay the delinquent assessment
thereon, together with the cost of advertising, a late fee and the
expense of the sale.

Secretary of said Corporation at Green River, Utah
Published in the Sun Advocate December 16, 21 and 23, 2010.

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