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Fantastic village

Sun Advocate reporter

With a fabulous and festive Christmas village display, Betty and Jim Peterson of Price display a multitude of village houses, trains and mementos for their Holiday celebration. This village display consumes their entire living room (now furniture free), and is packed with 125 lighted houses, complete with street lights and G scale railroad tracks and trains that takes your eyes and imagination through the wonderment of childhood memories and days gone by.

As Jim proudly places a smoke and cleaning fluid substance in Locomotive #157, Betty is using her laser pointer to bring attention to the special details of their collection.

A collection that began 21 years ago with a train that circled their Christmas tree, has grown into a New England scene, Old Town scene, North Pole village and a 50's main street. It takes them 10 days to construct and to fine tune all the details. Betty with her pointer, smiles and reminisces about their '50s village that is in part to represent our community back in the day.

"We try to make the village scene similar to the old town of Price and Helper, and there is even a church that looks similar to the Good Shepherd church in East Carbon," she states. "We look for structures and accessories that fit into the era and even change some of the names on them so they fit into the theme of our main street. There is one piece we found in our adventure hunt that says 'Scooters Coca Cola Drive In.' This is actually the nick name of our youngest son so it was a special find."

Other pieces in the collection that are similar to the era is a Cook's Velvet Freeze, car dealer shop, Greek food, steak house, a Woolworth with an 'L' shaped soda fountain, cinema and more. And looking closely you will notice many vintage cars replicas.

"There is one car in particular that looks like one of Bo Huff's old cars, so in the street scene we have a policeman chasing him (with actual flashing lights) and giving him a citation because he ran a red light," laughed Betty.

Jim also has a special section that represents baseball. Playing a lot of ball in his day from the College World Series to the military, a special display around the tree is for his memories.

The nostalgic and whimsical display is going on, and if you ask Betty which one is her favorite, it is the one they just bought.

Eventually all four sections of the village are spoken for by their children and grand children and they are waiting impatiently for the time that they will receive this special gift. Until that time, the Petersons will be buying and receiving part of the display as gifts from family, memories of places visited and memories of their wonderful family and life.

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