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Green Team: Save big, with a small commitment

The Green Team has expanded recycling options in Carbon County over the past year, including ink cartidges and toners which can be recycled at Office Etc. With the winter season arriving, the Green Team is offering more tips for residents to recycle and save a little money in the process.

As winter weather bears down on the Castle Valley, the local Green Team is working overtime to ensure that their efforts match the energy consumption of the season. Ryan Petersen, the team's Market Director, recently released information stressing the need for continued use of re-usable shopping bags in the area.

It has been demonstrated by the team that the use of disposable plastic shopping bags typically leads to a 100 percent waste cycle. "We understand that re-usable bags take some effort but we need that effort from the community. By using a bag you own, you take a 100 percent waste cycle and move it down to no waste at all," explained Petersen. The team did ask those who do use plastic to please find a way to re-use the bags, cutting down on their immediate waste. They also asked those who can, to consider paper as it is a more readily recyclable material.

Moving into the new year, the Green Team has continued their work with community partners to maximize the number of areas available for recycling. Most recently, team chairperson Jeanne McEvoy announced that car batteries have found a disposal home.

The Carbon County Landfill has agreed to work with the organization to recycle not only car batteries but cardboard also right here in the Castle Country. For those thinking outside the box of normal recycling, many areas have opened up. Eye glasses can now be recycled at Dr. Cook's office by simply dropping off unwanted lenses with the receptionist. Ink Cartridges will be taken at several locations including Creekview Elementary, Office Ect. the Price City Library and Wellington Elementary. Even packing peanuts have found a home at the UPS Store in Price. For a full list of drop-off locations, call 435-637-6929.

Focusing on the holidays, the Green Team recently provided information concerning energy conservation through Christmas. A serious amount of savings can come from adhering to some simple rules while checking off that Christmas shopping list. For instance, purchasing locally grown and produced products not only supports the local economy, it saves energy, by reducing transportation distances from the manufacturer to the market. For that Griswold on every list, consider LED and Fiber Optic lighting, as these products represent the ultimate in energy efficiency. The gadget lover can save significant energy production by purchasing rechargeable batteries. As much as 40 percent of battery purchases for the year accumulate during the holidays, buy that favorite tech geek some rechargeable fun. Lastly, please note that appliances do not have the corner on reducing energy use, check out Energy Star Electronic this holiday season. They have been shown to use up to 60 percent less power than their non-certified counterparts.

While energy conservation sounds good to everyone, it does take effort and that effort has to be carried out within the larger community for organizations like the Green Team to be effective, according to several members of the team's board. Both Petersen and McEvoy stated recently that the success of the team lies in the public's willingness to follow through by recycling and conserving. "I do understand that it can be a hassle to get out of the vehicle and meticulously fit your materials through the small holes available at our recycle centers. However, the holes are that size for a reason, they cut down on contamination, making the bins viable," explained McEvoy, while discussing on the groups four county wide recycling bins. "We can all make a huge difference with a small commitment and that's all the team is asking for, a small commitment to make recycling, reducing and reusing part of your life during the holiday and into the new year."

The team is always looking for new members and everyone is welcome. Join by contacting McEvoy at 637-6929. And make sure to check out the Price City website at

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