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School district opts to hire architect to look at baseball field

The Carbon High baseball field consessions stand and announcers booth have been condemned so something will need to be done to accomodate the play on the field when it begins. However, the building isn't the only problem on the field. The dugouts have a number of problems, there are no restrooms except in the main school building, the field tends to get flooded on its west side and much of the field itself is uneven. The warning track (where the grass changes so players going for a ball know the fence is coming) around the field is also very shallow.

Sun Advocate publisher

The third base area and left field get flooded when there is a storm or sprinklers run.

No one can now use the concession stand, nor the announcers booth, because they have both been condemned.

When players try to catch a ball, they sometimes catch a fall instead on the field's rough surface.

The big blue fence all around the complex is beginning to fall apart and because of the materials it was constructed of, it needs to be painted each and every year.

The only restrooms that can be used by those that attend games are in the main building, up a hill and more than a block away.

Because of these, and many other problems with the Carbon High baseball field, the Carbon Board of Education decided during the regular monthly meeting last Wednesday to hire an architect to look at the complex and spell out some of what would need to be done to create a better facility for players and the public.

"The fact is just the location of the field is a problem," said acting Superintendent Patsy Bueno as she addressed the board on the issue. The list of problems is long and Bueno said "We have created at list of them, but it is impossible to solve one without solving others. They are just all webbed together."

The discussion that followed represented impressions that the board took from Carbon's baseball coach Troy Moynier during the November board meeting when he brought the list of challenges he faced to the board.

"The problems really come down to the base of the field," said Bueno. "We need a professional to look at it. We need to look at hiring an architect to design a field and then the board can decide what it wants to choose to be done."

President of the board Barry Deeter agreed saying that "the only way to look at" the problems with the field is to examine the "big picture."

But one item concerning the field is not only perplexing to the district, but also vexing as well; the drainage issue. A drain that was installed when the football field on the hill above the baseball complex was rebuilt is supposed to carry water off the slope and away from the area. That doesn't seem to be happening. Board members Wayne Woodward and Jeff Richens both have shown concern over the last two meetings about whether the drain was installed correctly and who would be responsible for that problem if it was not.

"I have concerns that it was not graded correctly," said Woodward. "Was this an engineering problem or a construction firm problem. We need to know whose fault this is."

However, Deon Kone, the districts maintenance director, says that he is still trying to determine what is wrong with the drainage system.

"The water does sit in the area that should be drained," said Kone. "We have looked at the installation and it is constructed in a way that is typical for those kinds of drains. At this point I just don't understand why it isn't working."

Kone says that part of the problem is that there is water also coming from underground and "we don't know where that is coming from yet."

He also said that his department would continue to examine the problem and try to pinpoint the cause.

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