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RTSSD will cover cost overrun at Sunnyside

The county's Recreation/Transportation Special Service District approved an extra appropriation of about $2,900 to cover unexpected cost overruns at the Sunnyside ballpark rest rooms.

The project was originally set at $79,000, which included money for contingencies in addition to planned construction expenses. Final cost was $81,906.

However, explained City Recorder Polly Sanderson, not everything that needed fixing had been foreseen. There was a matter of fixing a visibility problem at the girls' restroom for example. The problem was the interior was visible from third base.

Then locks on the doors had to be changed because little kids could lock the doors from the inside, and if they could not unlock them, there was no way to open from the outside.

These and other problems added up. Sunnyside had kept the RTSSD informed all along the way, so the board, deciding all was done in good faith, approved the additional funds to cover the costs.

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