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Coke or Pepsi? Sunnyside will study the issue

Sun Advocate reporter

With a previous meeting canceled to due a lack of a quorum and with the winter season arriving, the Sunnyside City Council discussed a number of issues during their regular meeting on Tuesday evening.

Sunnyside is looking into the possibility of purchasing a soda machine for the Joint Public Safety Building, but what brand of soda is still under discussion. The city first looked into purchasing a Coca Cola machine that would be placed inside of the building. But council members began looking into a few questions. The fire department would be charged 75 cents a can, while making a profit of 25 cents for each can sold.

But what about Pepsi? Councilors decided that before moving forward on the issue they would need to see the differences between getting a Coke or Pepsi vending machine, including a possible price difference.

Evenly split opinion

"How many in here care for Coke and how many care for Pepsi?" asked Mayor Doug Parsons. Of the people in attendance, the vote was basically split evenly.

Another question that came up asked whether or not the city should place the soda machine inside or on the outside of the building. If the machine is placed on the inside of the building, then only the people who have access would be able to use it, compared to placing it outside where everyone in the community could have access to it. Should the machine be placed outside, it would need a cage installed around it to prevent vandalism and damages.

Shaun Sackett, an officer with the East Carbon Police Department, said that a soda machine near the ABC Learning Center in East Carbon always has a lot of people visiting it through the evening and into the night.

The council decided to look into the issue further before making a final decision.

Salt spreader needed

The council also said the city is in need of a salt spreader for the winter season.

Currently the city has its workers throw the salt on the roads by hand and has been doing it that way for the past few years.

"It's very dangerous doing things that way," said Councilor Shari Madrid.

Noting the importance of having a good salt spreader which costs about $8,000, Parsons said that the city could use money from the Class C road funds. If the city needed to dip into those funds, Parsons said that there would still be enough funding left to fill potholes and patch work on the city roads.

The council passed a unanimous motion requesting three bids for a salt spreader.

The meeting was briefly interrupted for a few moments when an arachnid decided to take a seat on Nola Porter's empty council chair. City Recorder Polly Sanderson noticed the spider, jumped up and quickly took to disposing of it with a cassette tape case. Everyone at the meeting had a hearty laugh about the ordeal, bringing an unexpected moment to a meeting with many important topics being discussed.

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