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Liberal views

By Marilyn "Joe" Stock
East Carbon


Again I feel compelled to write a rebuttal to recent articles in the Sun Advocate. I am not criticizing the Sun Advocate, but like again to compliment them for printing both sides, liberal and conservative.

I would like to state again I am a liberal and not ashamed to admit it. I got all my liberalism for the four most liberal books ever written; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

By far the most liberal statement I have ever read was when a rich man asked Christ how he could enter the kingdom of heaven Christ replied, sell everything you have, give the money to the poor and follow me. I would like to challenge all conservatives to name any American liberal that has made one statement that has come even close to be as liberal as that.

In my opinion two of the greatest presidents with the same last name Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt both believed in a more equal distribution of wealth.

Reagan (a third rate actor) began the largest redistribution of wealth the world has ever known; Reaganhood. His version was taking from the poor and giving it to the rich.

The purpose of Reaganomics was to eliminate the middle class and have only extreme wealth and poverty. There are some, including Tom McCourt, that think Reagan should be put on Mt. Rushmore. If they do that they should chisel in his true accomplishments. He nearly tripled the national debt. He was the father of the Rustbelt and homelessness.

Mr. Warren, who writes letters to the editor often, seems to think that all Muslims are evil. I disagree with him; I think that there are good and bad people in all religions.

Unlike Mr. McCourt, I feel sympathy for all the families that don't make enough to pay income taxes and don't want to tax them further into poverty. I do not believe in a flat tax. I think we should tax the rich because that is where the money is and that's the only way to get out of debt.

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