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Mountain West will miss the red and blue

Sun Advocate publisher

Parting from almost any relationship is painful, but the world does go on.

Yes, the sun will rise after Utah and BYU depart the Mountain West. It will still be a very good league, because Boise State, Frenso State, Nevada and TCU will make it that way. What could have been with those teams along with the Utes and Cougars would have been interesting. But it is not to be.

As a Ute fan I will miss some of the teams we have played. In a former career I was lucky enough to have visited the campus' of most of our leages opponents at one time or another. I have walked across the UNLV, Wyoming, CSU and New Mexico campuses a number of times. I drove through the Air Force Academy and of course have been on BYU's campus many times. The only one I have not touched in some way is San Diego State.

But the PAC 10 (to be 12) is different. Despite living in the southland for over a year, I have only ever been on the campuses of Oregon, Cal, Arizona State and Stanford.

Going to a campus gives you a different feeling about schools, rather than just seeing their teams on television or watching them play your team at home.

I will miss watching the wind blow around the football in Laramie, seeing Colorado State games against the Utes on that neat wood floor of theirs, and hoping the Pit in Albequerque will not be a hinderance.

Without Utah and BYU the Mountain West will be okay, but not great.

On the other hand how will Utah and BYU fair without the MWC?

I think they both will struggle some athletically, but in the end they will be better off.

After over 50 years (and in some cases much longer) of playing many of the same teams, they are ready for a new life, a new way of looking at things.

It will be a painful divorce, but I don't think, in the long run, it will hurt the kids.

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