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Need some notice

By Mary-Margaret Vansickle


What's wrong with this picture?

At 11 a.m. this morning I went to the store to have a prescription filled. When I got home I used the bathroom and when I went to flush there was no water. The next time I needed to go the bathroom I walked a block to my friend's house. This kept up all day.

I walked up the street to the park at 4:45 p.m. and asked the workers how long it was going to be and I mentioned how upset that I was that we had been given no notice of the shut off.

One of the men told me that they would have the water turned on as soon as possible. Another man told me that they had put notices on all the doors and that they may have been blown off by the wind. I checked with all of my neighbors and the only one who had a notice did not get it until the mail was delivered to his house this afternoon. He told me the water was off at 8 a.m. I actually do not remember turning my water before I went to the store.

I just feel that a little more courtesy could be shown to citizens who pay their utility bills. Not too long ago time was taken to at least tape the notices to the doors so they stay put. The neighbor who found his notice in the mail told me his notice said the water would be back on by 6 p.m. When I checked my water tap at 6:39 p.m. to see if the water was back on it was not. It would have been nice to have a notice so that we could have made sure we had extra water for such emergencies as this.

Unfortunately most of the containers I had water in started to leak and I had to throw them away and so I had nothing for today's emergency. So I'm going to the store tomorrow to purchase more. This time I'll keep a closer eye on them so if they leak I will replace them.

I hope another episode like today's does not happen in Price again and, if it does, I hope the time is taken to tape the notices to the doors of the people who will be affected.

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