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Kokopelli suggestions range from serious to somewhat bizarre

Now that the Kokopelli statue has moved from Price Main street to a storage room, people have responded to the request for suggestions on where to display the bronze sculpture next.

Here's a summary of what has been submitted so far:

The middle of the Price council chambers;

On top of Balanced Rock in Helper;

Send it to Blanding or Bluff;

Put it at the intersection of Main Street and Carbon Avenue.

Other suggestions included several that would put the sculpture somewhere around the Prehistoric Museum/City Hall block. A few writers though the Peace Gardens would be a good place, while others thought it might fit in with the bronze dinosaurs in the museum parking lot.

Another writer thought the statue would be a tourist attraction at the planned Horse Canyon rest stop and visitor center on Highway 6.

Finally, someone recommended simply putting it close where it was, in the vacant lot off Main Street near Frank's Auto Glass.

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