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Legal Notice

Summary of Ordinance Number 431

In the regular meeting of the Board of Carbon County Commissioners of
November 3, 2010, the Commissioners approved Ordinance Number 431, an
Ordinance amending a portion of the Official Zone Map of Carbon
County, Utah, dated September 15, 2009-Revised, changing a portion of
the RR-5 zone to RR-2.5 in Section 13, Township 14 South, Range 09
East, SLB&M within the jurisdictional limits of Carbon County,
effective as of the date of this publication.  A copy of the complete
Ordinance is available for review at the Office of the County Clerk,
Courthouse, 120 East Main Street, Price, Utah.

/s/ Robert P. Pero, Clerk/Auditor
Published in the Sun Advocate November 16, 2010.

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