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Kokopelli removal applauded

By Sherree Gurule


I was happy to see the kokopelli be removed form Main Street for a number of reasons.

First, Gary Prazen has such an AMAZING TALENT that we should put the kokopelli and the coal miner that he has done and display them so people from here and tourists can see them for all their glory.

I hope that it WON'T be put in storage and forgotten about. We owe Mr. Prazen the respect that he deserves. And let's not wait until spring to do it.

Second I think we need to put a traffic light up at that intersection as well as the intersection on 100 North. They are both long overdue.

If the reason kokopelli was removed was for traffic safety then we should think about how to the fix the problem at that intersection. A four way stop sign system isn't going to help.

All Price residents should stand by me on this. We should ask Mayor Piccolo and the city council for traffic lights and suggest prominent places for the statues to be placed.

I think the Peace Garden would be an excellent place for them. That way people can see them and they would also be an extension of the museum as well.

Speaking of the museum, when I was a little girl I remember the dinosaur tracks painted on the sidewalks leading to the museum. I think that would once again be a wonderful idea to pursue. It would help to bring tourists to the museum and downtown again.

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